Money asking emails


Russian women scams, unfortunately, are still numerous in the internet. The majority of them go through e-mail correspondence. Texts messages and e-mail scams are common because they are easy to organize and realize. Such a fraud is originated from greed, lack of critical thinking and common sense. Russian women online offer on sale romantic dreams, illusionary feelings and cover the trade with beautiful pictures, foreign men bite and buy the illusion before the wake up call comes. It is usually accompanied with money loss and heart pain disappointment.

By the way, gorgeous and hot pictures of real Russian or Ukrainian girls sent together with text messages can be used for asking money by both women and men who play with a potential fraud victim in disguise. You can be contacted in social networks as Facebook or Badoo or on big free dating sites where no one pre-screens or monitors single Russian women too strictly. Ordinarily first romantic intro letters are prepared and mass mailed by individuals or online dating agencies to a men’s database carefully collected beforehand by different means.

As a rule, scam emails are sent to men that are dwelling in the first-world countries, age group 50+. Such men are far more easy to «swallow a bait», to be manipulated and to play according to game rules imposed by scammer.

If you, all of a sudden, are contacted by an amazing hottie in her 18-25 years old without any context or mutual connections and she’s ready to start talking and «knowing you better» straight away, IT’S A SCAM. Hot and young loves you like crazy without further questioning. She doesn’t care much of your age, looks, income, profession, location or whatever background you have. She doesn’t answer your specific questions about anything in her e-mails to you. The major focus in her initial letters is kept on feelings that are growing more and more. Then, when you are supposed to be on the hook, she begins to plea you to help her financially by any possible reason. When you send her enough money, she will vanish into the thin air in the same sudden manner as she appeared in the beginning of your scamming romance. This scheme is called Russian women email scams.

Sometimes it seems hard to differentiate genuine single Russian women looking for love from fake girls with e-mail scams techniques that have nothing in common with true feelings. If you are in communication with a Russian girl online, save your time and nerves and choose free visual means of communication as Skype, Hangouts or video calls in preferable messengers. The scammer won’t let you know her face. She will be refusing and escaping such kind of communication by all means. If poor knowledge of the common language between you and a girl is a problem, free translating apps can be used to facilitate understanding. Besides, the only 100% true way to know if it is love or not will be to meet your fancy girl in reality like here site de rencontre franco russe.