How to Detect Russian women scams?


You are sick and tired with relationship round you in your location? You would like to meet a younger girl from Eastern Europe? You are ready to try Russian women online dating but would like to avoid dating scams? Here are some techniques how to detect Russian women scams and meet Russian women looking for love not your money.

First of all, it’s no need to become cynical or paranoid about Russian women scams online. Not all of them aim at ripping you off. If you try to be reasonable during online dating and treat everything with a grain of salt, you will be always able to spot the red flags and escape from the potentially dangerous situations. Just have in mind that there are only 2 goals Russian women can pursue during online dating with a man overseas. The first one is serious partnership relations with good connection that can lead to a happy marriage. The second one is playing games and making dishonest schemes to receive your money during a fake online correspondence. This means all the activities and different tactics of a Russian scammer will be aimed at taking your money by all kinds of manipulations.

As soon as arnaques femmes russes is a well-developed filthy business, the chance to meet Russian scammers online is very high. Here are some red flags to be aware of.

1. The young beautiful Russian girl contacts you on her own without any initial context.
This is how 99% of Russian women scams begin. If this has happened to you, be aware. Next step will be instant romantic feelings to you to lead to asking for money transfer by any possible reason.

It should be noted, that, as a rule, Russian women looking for love do not contact any man first. This is true to both local and foreign men. In the Slavic culture such an initiative from a girl is not common and feels like something not decent to do, especially online. She expects the man to contact her on his own.

2. The woman you have met online falls in love with you immediately, within 3-5 emails or messages. She sends you romantic letters full of affection and sometimes with some sexual details of your future meetings. Such letters come regularly, with more and more hot pictures attached to them. The hottest photos will come just before she will ask you to send money.

Serious girls do not jump to affection without any real meetings, what do you think? The goal of such an extreme romantic correspondence is to develop trust with you and provoke your interest before making the next step and ask you about some financial assistance, better to call it donation, as you will never get your money back if you transfer.

3. The Russian girl from the online dating site is longing to visit you in your country soonest, to prove her feelings to you. She doesn’t need a flight ticket that you can book for her. She expects you to transfer some funds for a visa to your country, flight tickets, accommodation, whatever travel expenses can be. She always states she knows the right people who could help her with getting a visa or other easily. If you try to do things on your own she immediately becomes angry or irritated because you «do not trust her» and it’s better to stop your communication.

When the girl needs to flight to the man she likes, she can sort out all travel preparations and expenses either herself or accept your booking for her. If the girl is not flexible in these questions, IT IS A SCAM. Besides, it is next to impossible for a Russian girl without any background to get a tourist visa to the US, Canada, Australia or similar. If you are ready to meet with your dream Russian woman, it’s better to plan your trip to her country and book accommodation, flights and other on your own.

In conclusion, above there are 3 common romance scamming traps to detect and avoid. Russian scammers are rather skillful in the Western man psychology. Thus, if something worries you or makes you suspicious in the online dating relationship, you’d better stop it and report the girl’s profile.