Red Flags That Often Accompany Russian Women Scams

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If you like the idea of Russian women online dating, you should certainly be aware of Russian women scams or dubious signs that often accompany them. These signs are not enough to claim a scam, but red flags to pay attention to. Several signs detected can make a whole picture. Whatever scheme you suspect or not, do not transfer any money to a girl whom you have met in the internet. Asking for a financial help from the person online is a 100% fraud.

1. A Russian girl is very young, say a student, and she looks like a top model
Yes, very many Eastern European girls are naturally gorgeous, keep fit and look like queens. Especially when we talk about an age group from 20 to 25 without kids. Scammers usually use this most preferable combination for a potential bridegroom: such a fake girl has never been married, no kids. The man should feel flattered from such a communication from the start to follow this girl. Besides, hot-looking pictures in plenty are sent with every letter to break the ice immediately.

However, attractive, often hot pictures, fake or real, together with sweet texts are the major bait scammers use to phish for your money. If you have met a gorgeous girl online and she says she will be happy to know you better despite of a huge age gap between you, save your time and heart and do not waste time for ordinary romance scammers. Check your online acquaintance easily. Ask her to talk by a cam through Skype or any messenger. If she is interested in you as she says, why not to show on the cam for an eye contact. If she refuses, suspect a scam.

2. Her financial situation is very bad
A fake girl who writes to you is never successful. She lives poorly even for the local standards. This obstacle itself is not an absolute sign of Russian women scams, but if it goes together with other bad life circumstances, the poor thing has suffered like dead parents, ill children or any other tear-breaking hardship the girl has gone through or has been struggling with, it’s pretty much of a scam. Scammers usually exploit pity feelings and compassion to her miserable condition to tune the man on the right tone before asking for money.

3. She’s very sweet constantly talking about her feelings to you and your mutual bright future
This romance has much chemistry, though you have never met in real. In 5-6 emails she starts to describe how she wants to visit you in your country and be together. The hottest photos of her usually come together with such vivid and colorful visualizations. If the scammer thinks you are ready to pay or better to say to donate, she asks for money to apply for a visa, buy flight tickets or cover any other travel expenses. If you send her any financial aid, she either vanishes in the air or will ask you to transfer more.

The last but not the least, it’s difficult to detect Russian women scams from the start. These scammers are professionals and manipulate men well. However, the above-mentioned signs of a scam are ordinary, often used cliches. Please, pay attention to them not to lose your heart or money.