Russian girl email scams techniques


Have you ever received the first intro letter from a beautiful young unknown Russian girl? Have you ever answered such a letter? Are you already in the email correspondence with Russian women looking for love? Welcome to Russian women victoriabrides! If you still think it is a mistake, let me prove my point.

Single Russian women that have serious intentions to meet their one and only and develop relationship do not mass mail their sweet smiles and short messages through email. It’s as simple as that. Besides, it is not common in Slavic culture that a girl addresses the unknown man first on her own initiative. Yes, exceptions exist for any rule. No, young Russian beauties do not fall in love with an unknown foreign man elder than her twice or triple just by contacting him in English. Emails from gorgeous youngsters of twenty years old with their sexy looks and sweet texts are just a bait. It’s not about love. It’s about fishing for your big bucks.

If you received a similar first scam email and answered it hoping for a romance of a lifetime, let me ask if you got the letter back with detailed answers to your personal questions to the girl? Guess, no. Her first replies were rather general, she didn’t react much to your questions. The girl wrote more about herself, everyday events and her feelings to you. Am I right? Then after some time her answers became more adequate, feelings to you more warm, pictures more catchy. You are already hooked on. What will go next? Next will be a hint about a gift or a request to give her a helping hand and send her money by any reason.

It’s how an email scam scheme works. The first sweet intro letter with pictures of a real or imaginary Russian girl seeking men is sent through the data base of foreign men from the first-world countries. The majority of men label such a letter as spam and quickly forget about it. But there are some who replies. Answers to such men are not yet individual, they are also mass mailed. Then if the man is still in game, there comes an individual approach to such a correspondence. More love, high time to fundraise.

Russian women looking for love are dignified and confident enough to behave like this. Genuine Russian women are busy working, living their lives in full with everyday ups and downs. They do not have time or desire to play games. If they want to change their social status from «single» to «in relationship» or «married» they firstly try to meet the suitable man at their homeland. If a girl looks for creating a family with a man from abroad, she, as a rule, will register with a reputable dating agency with a proved record of couples matched and marriages. Then with an expert touch she will try to meet the preferable man soonest to make up her mind about the candidate and act further accordingly.